Franchise supplements


At VYDEX, we have extensive experience distributing high quality supplement products throughout the world. We are keen to help our customers open up new business opportunities in the global marketplace.

We know that understanding your export markets and local country culture and traditions is key. We can help develop a good distribution strategy to identify the best sales channels for your business and utilise them.

Specialising in the export of food goods and supplements, we have worked closely with clients in Europe, the Middle East and many other territories throughout the world to meet the specific challenges they faced and achieve their business goals.

Get in touch with our team today to find out what we can do to enable your export ambitions.

Export private label supplements


VYDEX offers a comprehensive business support package tailored to getting our distributors quickly and confidently on their way to business success.

The four main reasons companies choose to be a distributor for one of our brands:
1. Significant earning potential
2. Low initial investment costs
3. Resilient business opportunity – supplement market expanding every year
4. Expert manufacturer with 29 years experience in supplements

You can also expect to receive all this and more:
1. High level of support with marketing and promotion
2. Ongoing new product development and launches
3. Product images and on / offline marketing collateral
4. Monthly financial and product reports
5. Independent UK Testing Certificates and Certificates of Conformity

private label supplement export